A home is not just a space, it's a potential. It's a dream waiting to be realized, a world filled with opulence where you get what you want. A world that you deserve to indulge in.

So here's presenting 'La Premiere'. With 820 exclusive apartments for the peak-bracket personalities, it helps you weave your dreams into reality. At 'La Premiere' Serviced Apartments, we build homes, where nature and style blend in seamlessly. With apartments serviced by BridgeStreet, an international management agency, this is aesthetics and service at its best. Here the richness of lustrous Italian marble flooring, and the warmth of pure teak woodwork, combines to make 'La Premiere' the most desirable home.

All this apart, 'La Premiere' has much more to offer.  A grand, world-class retail space will bring you the world of high-life shopping with internationally acclaimed brands. Luxury and boutique hotels will take care of your guests. And finally, a state-of-the-art multiplex for movie buffs.